Affordable & Luxurious Holiday Accommodation in Penrith: What You Should Expect

Many accommodation options claim to be both ‘luxurious’ and ‘affordable’. But what should these properties be offering to attest to these claims? Holiday accommodation is a highly competitive industry, and you should not settle for any low standards when booking a place to stay for your holiday.

Here are some of the things your luxurious and affordable holiday accommodation should definitely offer:

  • WiFi

No matter who you are, connection to the internet has become part of our daily lives. Whether you need to check emails, keep in touch with kids or simply post your fabulous holiday pics to Instagram, you’ll need Wifi at your holiday accommodation. Wifi should definitely be provided at any upper-class establishment for no extra charge.

  • Semi-Equipped Kitchen

You can’t be expected to eat out every night of your holiday. Your accommodation should provide you with at least the kitchen essentials; including a microwave, bar fridge, toaster and kettle. Although it would be nice to have a dishwasher and a four-plate stove, it is forgivable if your accommodation doesn’t come with all of that.

  • Safe Parking

These days, it is unfortunately not wise to park on the street. And with most streets incurring parking fees, your holiday accommodation should provide you with a safe and secure parking spot during your stay. Depending on how many bedrooms you have booked, you should be provided with additional parking too.

  • Home Comforts

When on holiday you want to feel at ease, and this means puffy pillows, fluffy bath towels and cosy blankets. There is nothing worse than getting into a hotel bed that is hard, dusty and covered in crusty linen. One luxury that should not be spared is luxury linen. The ‘little extras’, in the form of complimentary toiletries also go a long way.

Assisi Living offers reasonably priced, luxury holiday rentals in Penrith! Our property comes with all the points mentioned above and more! It makes for the perfect holiday getaway, and we even offer short-term rentals too! Why not browse our site to see what we offer and contact us should you have any questions at all!

Tips to Find the Perfect Short Term Rental in Penrith

Whether you are on an extended holiday, visiting family for a while or just looking to explore Penrith for longer than a couple of weeks, short-term rentals can provide you with many benefits! They are cheaper than hotel stays and give you more freedom than long-term leases.

Assisi Living, in Penrith, are short-term rental experts and in this article, we give you advice on how to find your perfect rental!

  • Start Looking Early

Don’t leave it to the last minute! If you know you’ll be visiting Penrith, why not start looking ahead of time? This way you’ll have more options and may even be able to secure a discount for securing a property well in advance. The last thing you want is to have to move from place to place during your stay in Penrith because you kept procrastinating about booking the rental of your dreams.

  • Decide on Your Priorities

Deciding on your priorities regarding your rental will definitely help in the process of choosing one. So is location your priority? Or maybe it’s an extra bathroom? What about a fully equipped kitchen? Whatever your priority , don’t compromise! It’s to get led astray by appealing aesthetics and pretty artwork.

  • Take all Costs into Account

Your budget is also a significant factor to take into consideration, and remember that the rental price may not be the only cost you encounter. If you’re living out of the city centre, you may have to incorporate transport costs. So consider all additional expenses when choosing a rental.

  • Be Flexible

After all, it is just a short term rental! So if you find the perfect place but it, for instance, doesn’t have the ideal colour scheme, try to look past it because it isn’t going to be your forever home. If you are a perfectionist, try not to nit-pick, as then you may never find a rental to suit you.

Assisi Living offers the most exclusive short term rentals in Penrith. Whatever your short-term rental needs are, we are sure to meet them. Browse our website to have a look at the rentals we offer and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions!