Our Penrith Family Accommodation Is A Home Away From Home

It’s always great to visit family or friends in beautiful Penrith. If you’re in the area for business, why not extend your trip into a family holiday by having your partner and children join you? The challenge here is that you’ll probably prefer to stay in your own duplex instead of being cramped up in a hotel or encountering strangers in a bed and breakfast. Assisi Living’s Penrith family accommodation is a good option. Here’s what you can look forward to when you stay with us.

Book Your Stay And Enjoy These Benefits

Assisi Living knows exactly what you’re looking for in short-term family accommodation as we’re experts in giving you all the comforts of home away from home. We provide modern living that’s easier on your pocket. We offer accommodation for families of up to 10, with enough clean, cosy bedrooms for all. It’s the perfect option no matter your travel times and holiday plans.

When you stay with us, you’ll have everything you could possibly need to have a happy family holiday. Here are some of the things that you can look forward to:

  • A full kitchen which makes it easier for you to eat what you want, when you want to – just like you would at home.
  • A washer and dryer so you can do your laundry instead of going back home with a bag full of clothes that need to be washed or paying to use a laundromat.
  • A dishwasher – because you’re still on holiday and who wants to do dishes?
  • A coffee-maker for that much needed daily jolt of caffeine.
  • A TV so you can stay up to date with sports, the weather and the news.
  • Free, unlimited wi-fi so you can stay connected 24/7.
  • Air-conditioning so you can relax and rest easy, no matter the temperature

All this is sure to make everyone in your family happy, no matter how fussy they can be. View our pictures online and browse through our reviews as well – families really do love our Penrith family duplex. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Not Staying Long? Our Penrith Short-Term Rental Makes Packing Easy

With today’s busy lifestyle, our jobs demand more from us than ever. Because of this the lines between private time and holiday time are becoming blurred, which means that we’re looking for new ways to make holidays work on a time limited, tight schedule. This means taking short trips when and where you can make it. The problem here? Packing. Here’s how Assisi Living helps you work around that as a Penrith short-term rental.

  • Pack Less, Stress Less

Like with any holiday or trip, you probably dread the packing. We’re not just talking about clothes, but other items that you fear your duplex may not provide – such as extra bedding, bath essentials and electrical appliances. It’s just one more thing you must remember, and you always end up leaving at least one thing behind, which you then must replace at personal cost – only to repeat the entire process with your next trip. With us, you don’t have to give them items a second thought, making packing for a short family getaway much less painful!

We’ve structured our duplex to be a home away from home, and your home always has everything you need to get and stay comfortable. Here’s how we’ll make your trip easier to prepare for and gear you to relax when you’re here.

  1. Our duplex has fully equipped bedrooms, so no need to bring extra blankets or pillows with. We have extra bedding as well should the temperature drop and an air conditioning system, so you can control your indoor comfort to your exact specifications.
  2. We have a washer and dryer. This means you can pack less and recycle outfits, saving space in your luggage for more important things.
  3. If you take your morning coffee seriously, rest assured that we have a stocked coffee machine for you to enjoy. No need to pack your own coffee out of fear that you’ll be presented with powered coffee on arrival.
  4. Wireless Internet and TV means you can ditch the multiple devices you normally lug with you on holiday. All you’ll need is your smartphone!

Don’t just take our word for it. Browse through our pictures and view the rooms and garden area for yourself. Then give us a call today to book your Penrith short-term rental.

Affordable & Luxurious Holiday Accommodation in Penrith: What You Should Expect

Many accommodation options claim to be both ‘luxurious’ and ‘affordable’. But what should these properties be offering to attest to these claims? Holiday accommodation is a highly competitive industry, and you should not settle for any low standards when booking a place to stay for your holiday.

Here are some of the things your luxurious and affordable holiday accommodation should definitely offer:

  • WiFi

No matter who you are, connection to the internet has become part of our daily lives. Whether you need to check emails, keep in touch with kids or simply post your fabulous holiday pics to Instagram, you’ll need Wifi at your holiday accommodation. Wifi should definitely be provided at any upper-class establishment for no extra charge.

  • Semi-Equipped Kitchen

You can’t be expected to eat out every night of your holiday. Your accommodation should provide you with at least the kitchen essentials; including a microwave, bar fridge, toaster and kettle. Although it would be nice to have a dishwasher and a four-plate stove, it is forgivable if your accommodation doesn’t come with all of that.

  • Safe Parking

These days, it is unfortunately not wise to park on the street. And with most streets incurring parking fees, your holiday accommodation should provide you with a safe and secure parking spot during your stay. Depending on how many bedrooms you have booked, you should be provided with additional parking too.

  • Home Comforts

When on holiday you want to feel at ease, and this means puffy pillows, fluffy bath towels and cosy blankets. There is nothing worse than getting into a hotel bed that is hard, dusty and covered in crusty linen. One luxury that should not be spared is luxury linen. The ‘little extras’, in the form of complimentary toiletries also go a long way.

Assisi Living offers reasonably priced, luxury holiday rentals in Penrith! Our property comes with all the points mentioned above and more! It makes for the perfect holiday getaway, and we even offer short-term rentals too! Why not browse our site to see what we offer and contact us should you have any questions at all!

Tips to Find the Perfect Short Term Rental in Penrith

Whether you are on an extended holiday, visiting family for a while or just looking to explore Penrith for longer than a couple of weeks, short-term rentals can provide you with many benefits! They are cheaper than hotel stays and give you more freedom than long-term leases.

Assisi Living, in Penrith, are short-term rental experts and in this article, we give you advice on how to find your perfect rental!

  • Start Looking Early

Don’t leave it to the last minute! If you know you’ll be visiting Penrith, why not start looking ahead of time? This way you’ll have more options and may even be able to secure a discount for securing a property well in advance. The last thing you want is to have to move from place to place during your stay in Penrith because you kept procrastinating about booking the rental of your dreams.

  • Decide on Your Priorities

Deciding on your priorities regarding your rental will definitely help in the process of choosing one. So is location your priority? Or maybe it’s an extra bathroom? What about a fully equipped kitchen? Whatever your priority , don’t compromise! It’s to get led astray by appealing aesthetics and pretty artwork.

  • Take all Costs into Account

Your budget is also a significant factor to take into consideration, and remember that the rental price may not be the only cost you encounter. If you’re living out of the city centre, you may have to incorporate transport costs. So consider all additional expenses when choosing a rental.

  • Be Flexible

After all, it is just a short term rental! So if you find the perfect place but it, for instance, doesn’t have the ideal colour scheme, try to look past it because it isn’t going to be your forever home. If you are a perfectionist, try not to nit-pick, as then you may never find a rental to suit you.

Assisi Living offers the most exclusive short term rentals in Penrith. Whatever your short-term rental needs are, we are sure to meet them. Browse our website to have a look at the rentals we offer and don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions!


Booking a hotel stay for a group vacation can be quite pricey. A variety of factors can affect the cost – chief among them being seasonal demand, location and reputation. Everybody wants a reasonable level of comfort when spending time away from home. But is there a way for travellers all over the world to reconcile luxury and cost without breaking the bank?

Staying in a furnished, short-term rental accommodation is an affordable middle ground between exorbitant hotel prices and uncomfortable hostel or backpacker accommodation. Whether your group is travelling for business or pleasure, Assisi Living provides exceptional luxury group accommodation in Penrith. Here are some of the ways of booking accommodation with us can
improve your stay.


The first advantage of booking a short-term rental is that you get to choose the type of area you would like to stay in. Whether you prefer quiet residential areas or bustling near-city spaces – your needs will be catered for. Assisi has a broad range of units that cater for every pocket and personality.

You can always look at photographs on our website to search for spaces that appeal to you most. Whether your parameters are budget, proximity to public transport, pet-friendly accommodation or proximity to the sites – all this can be factored in to find the perfect furnished accommodation for you.


The savings of staying in a short-term rental are manifold. Not only are the daily rates generally lower, but the provision of various amenities decreases costs. Access to a kitchen, laundry room, electrical appliances throughout the property and WiFi can make all the difference on how much you spend.


Furnished accommodation steers away from the sterile, impersonal atmosphere hotels usually have. The feeling of homesickness is far less prevalent in the homely comfort of an Assisi group rental.

  • A Unique Experience of Local Living

You get a window seat into daily life in the area you’re visiting. Assisi hosts are dedicated to facilitating fruitful cultural exchange and expressing Penrith hospitality at its best. Improve your vacation by booking short-term, furnished accommodation in Penrith. Book a stay with Assisi Living today.


The cold environment of a hotel or lack of privacy in a hostel can be a weeks-long inconvenience while working away. This is the gap being filled by the rise of short-term rental accommodation, facilitated by a network of online platforms such as Airbnb.

Assisi Living is Penrith’s top pick for affordable luxury, with a range of executive rental units from which to choose. The “home away from home” our fully furnished accommodation gives clients is perfect for the travelling professional. We’ve compiled a little guide to help you decide if an executive rental is what you need for your next business trip.


Also referred to as corporate housing, an executive rental is fully furnished accommodation that is leased on a short-term basis. If you’re stationed to work in an unfamiliar area for an extended period (more than a couple of days), the cosy environment of a short-term rental may work best.

Booking an executive rental creates a conducive, home-like space to stay in while you work. Everything from appliances and furniture to linen and laundry services is catered for, so all you need to bring is yourself, clothes to wear and some groceries to keep you going.


Staying in an executive rental has some advantages. First and foremost: it costs less than most hotels while matching the standard of service and comfort. You also save additional eating costs because you have the option to cook instead of eating out every day.

Wireless internet, entertainment spaces, unique cultural experiences, cleaning and laundry service are just some of the perks. An executive rental affords you a luxurious home experience, taking comfort and range of choice to the next level. You can choose to stay within walking distance of your temporary place of work to save on travel costs and stay active as well.


With changing times, executive rental stays have evolved to include more than business travellers. Employees from a broad spectrum of industries stand to benefit from booking a corporate rental. Anyone from a corporate professional in the process of relocating to a medical intern can use short- term rental accommodation. Contact Assisi Living online to book a premium Executive Rental in Penrith today!

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