Short Term Apartment Rentals Are A Better Way To Stay

What do you consider to be a short stay in a place far from home? Three days? Two weeks? One month? By definition, a short term rental apartment is designed to be your home away from home. And while all places claim to be your home away from home, not all of them can offer you the level of comfort and relaxation that you’d associate with being in your own residence. So how you can you get that feeling on your next trip? Here’s why a short term apartment stay is the perfect solution.

What Exactly Is A Short Term Apartment?

A short term apartment is designed to accommodate occupants for anywhere from a few days to a month. In general, short term accommodation will make sure that all of your needs are met if you do decide to stay for up to a month. Unlike home rentals or long term rentals, accommodation can be booked on a month to month basis, rather than you being forced to sign a contract for a year or more.

Why Are Short Term Rentals Ideal?

The need for a fully furnished home with appliances is evident when your stay exceeds a week or two, but the benefits of short term rentals are even prevalent in shorter stays of 3 or 4 days.

Families are more likely to take a quick three or four-day getaway in the middle of a busy or stressful time, whether it’s because of work or because of conflicting schedules. Either way, if you’re in desperate need of a quick vacation, chances are you don’t have much time to spend packing and preparing for this holiday. You don’t want to have to worry about forgetting things or doing ‘in case packing’, which is packing for something you might need but you aren’t sure about. You also don’t want to have to worry about doing laundry or being able to prepare your family’s favourite foods in a new location. Short term rentals are particularly ideal for these trips because you have everything you need right where you’re staying.

Short term apartment rentals can make any holidaymaker feel at home and make a business trip feel like a break from your routine. Assisi Living offers comfortable and affordable short term apartments for as big or as small of a group that you need, so contact us today to book your stay.