4 Reasons To Consider An Airbnb For Affordable & Luxurious Holiday Accommodation

Travel can either be a fantastic experience or a terrible. A sufficient budget, transport, and (perhaps most importantly) accommodation are the cornerstones of good travel experiences. Let’s say you’re planning a trip on a tight budget. Does that mean you can’t have access to the best facilities? Before the growth of the short-term rental market, the answer might have been a “yes.” Luckily for you, with Airbnb facilities such as Assisi Living, you can get affordable and luxurious holiday accommodation without breaking the bank. Here are just a few of the great benefits of short-term rentals for holiday goers.

  • Easy Access To Detailed Reviews From Previous Guests

After staying at an Airbnb, guests can leave a review, which is then made available online. The great thing is that the platform is only open to actual visitors, so there’s no reason to doubt the ratings and comments posted. This speaks to how Airbnb encourages participating property owners to be accountable for customer experiences.

  • No Need To Burn A Hole In Your Pocket

It’s likely that you’ll pay up to half or even less than what a hotel would charge you for similar or identical facilities. This means you’ll either be able to afford accommodation for a few more days on holiday or redirect the funds for extra fun activities on the trip.

  • You Can Do It Your Way

Short-term rentals offer customised packages you get to choose what you do and don’t need in your accommodation package. For example, some Airbnbs let you use a kitchen or outdoor terrace to socialise. This way you’re in control of the type of food you eat and get to have fun with friends (old and new) in a safe, private environment. From cozy homes to modern, chic spaces, you can have the holiday stay of your dreams.

  • The Standard Of Living Is High

One of the requirements of having an Airbnb property is that each property should be well maintained and put together. For this reason, short-term rentals have some of the best features you’ll find in holiday accommodation, such as the top of the range coffee machines and home entertainment theatres. It’s more than what you’d get in a regular hotel room.

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Affordable & Luxurious Holiday Accommodation in Penrith: What You Should Expect

Many accommodation options claim to be both ‘luxurious’ and ‘affordable’. But what should these properties be offering to attest to these claims? Holiday accommodation is a highly competitive industry, and you should not settle for any low standards when booking a place to stay for your holiday.

Here are some of the things your luxurious and affordable holiday accommodation should definitely offer:

  • WiFi

No matter who you are, connection to the internet has become part of our daily lives. Whether you need to check emails, keep in touch with kids or simply post your fabulous holiday pics to Instagram, you’ll need Wifi at your holiday accommodation. Wifi should definitely be provided at any upper-class establishment for no extra charge.

  • Semi-Equipped Kitchen

You can’t be expected to eat out every night of your holiday. Your accommodation should provide you with at least the kitchen essentials; including a microwave, bar fridge, toaster and kettle. Although it would be nice to have a dishwasher and a four-plate stove, it is forgivable if your accommodation doesn’t come with all of that.

  • Safe Parking

These days, it is unfortunately not wise to park on the street. And with most streets incurring parking fees, your holiday accommodation should provide you with a safe and secure parking spot during your stay. Depending on how many bedrooms you have booked, you should be provided with additional parking too.

  • Home Comforts

When on holiday you want to feel at ease, and this means puffy pillows, fluffy bath towels and cosy blankets. There is nothing worse than getting into a hotel bed that is hard, dusty and covered in crusty linen. One luxury that should not be spared is luxury linen. The ‘little extras’, in the form of complimentary toiletries also go a long way.

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